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Can I stop worrying?

I am Mom to a 3 year old boy with repaired tga/vsd/asd with ascending aortic dilation with mild aortic regurg.  I need to stop worrying but can't seem too.  My sons recent measurements are

Ao Annulus 1.85cm   Z of 4.31
Ao Root      2.38cm   Z of 3.33
Ascending   2.6 cm   Z of 5.35
AV Area (using Diameter) 2.69cm
Proximal Ao Arch     1.57cm

We go back in a year for a re-check, I am just worried we should be looking for a reason this is happening or doing something from preventing it from getting worse?  It is common for tga kids to have dilated aortas, but not by this much? His progression is slow which is a good thing, but will it stop on it's own?  What exactly do the numbers show is happening? He just turned 3 years old.  Our cardio is not a man of many words..thank you very much for your insight.  
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It is common for patients to have dilation of the neo-aorta (former pulmonary valve and artery) after an arterial switch operation for d-TGA.  It is very variable in degree.  The z-scores in your child's case are large, and what your doctor will be watching for is: 1) the rate of change over time, 2) progression of aortic valve leakage.  if the neo-aortic valve starts to leak alot then it may be time to operate to reduce the size of the aorta and support the valve.  Fortunately it is very uncommon to need to do that.  However, when you have a child with congenital heart disease of a significant nature s/p heart surgery, you will never stop worrying.
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