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Concern about 3 year old girl

My daughter is 3.   When we took her to the beach, I noticed that her extremities were turning very noticeably purple when she was in and out of the water.  It was about 80 degrees or higher every day, so it wasn't cold.  Do you know what might cause this?   Are babies routinely screened for congenital defects as of 2010?    I am a 35 yr old  male with my own history of PVC's (but a normal echo)
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When youngsters get blueness of the extremities when exposed to temperature changes, that is called acrocyanosis and is generally benign, due to constriction of the small blood vessels in the extremities.  If her extremities and lips are normal color the rest of the time, it is likely nothing to worry about, especially if her activity through all of it was normal.  You can certainly mention it to your local doctor and they can measure her pulse oximetry level on her finger, just to make sure it is normal.
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