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Echo/ Holter Reports

To: Dr. Marie

Thanks for helping me at this stage , i am reproducing the reports of echo as well of Holter which is as ,

Echo Report : Normal sized LA/LV/RA/RV with no chmaber hypertrophy.
No LV regional wall motion abnormaility with LVEF of 60%,
Mild TR with Mild PAH ( estimated RVSP =39 mmHg)
No Valvular stenosis or intracardiac shunt,
No vegetation, thrombus or inracardiac mass,
No pericardial pathology.

Comments of Holter Report :

The average HR was 89, with a minimum of 63 and maximum of 187. Ventricular ectopic beats totalled 0, with 0 VE pairs. SuperVentricular ectopics totalled 9698 and total SVE pairs were 0. Bigeminy count totalled 46 and trigeminy Count totalled 12. Pauses longer than 2.5 sec totalled as 0. The number of minutes analyzed ECG data was 1440.

ST Depression minutes totalled 0 for analyzed channel Ch2. The maximum Delta ST of -29.10 mm occured at 2.10hrs in channel Ch2.

Kindly help me on the basis of aforesaid information. My Cardiologist has advised that nothing to worry , it is very common in children  due to bad diet or otherreasons but not related to heart. I would like to add that this boy is very reserved and senstative / emotional.

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see my prior answer.
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