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Heart murmur

I recently took my 5 year old daughter to a kidney specialist due to the fact her normal urologist referred her. She has a multi cystic dysplastic kidney. Everything was fine in that area. He informed me that she had a heart murmur, which i know can be fine and go away, but he said it sounded like one that needed checked; that bsically it did not sound harmless. She is really healthy, gains weight fine, no shortness of breath, no blue lips...no symptoms at all; could a heart defect just happen or would this have been from birth because no other doctor but one, when she was sick, has said anything about a heart murmur. Can doctors be wrong about what kind of murmur they hear?  I am scared and concerned. Please help!
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Dear Danielle,

A heart murmur is a sound associated with turbulent blood flow in the heart.  That turbulence can be normal or abnormal.  Certainly, it is common to have normal/innocent heart murmurs be a bit more worrisome sounding to primary care providers, and they can easily be wrong.  However, I will also say that patients who have multicystic dysplastic kidneys are also at greater risk for congenital cardiac defects.  That said, your daughter is 5 years old, which means that the likelihood of a truly serious problem is low.  I do think that in her case, even without seeing her, that having a pediatric cardiologist evaluate her to ensure that there is no structural cardiac defects would be important.
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