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Muscular VSD

Dear Dr.,

My son is now 3 months. He born with a VSD. I took him into a cardiologist and I received the following report:
On examination afebrile, pink in color, active and pleasant boy. Peripheral pulses are palpable. No cyanosis. no digital clubbing & no signs and symptoms of heart failure. Cardiovascular examinations revealed normal S1 & S2. A systolic murmur is audible on the left lower sternal region grade 3/6. Other systemic examinations are unremarkable.

2 D ECHO / Doppler color flow mapping study performed and showed:

- Situs Solitus.
- AV-VA concordance.
- Good Contraction of the heart.
- Normal size of the chambers.
- Intact intra-arterial septum.
- Semilunar and AV valves are normal.
- Dropout seen in the muscular interventricular septum measuring 3 mm in diameter with left to right shunt.
- Aortic arch seen and normal.
- Pulmonary vein drainage are normal.
- Patent formaen ovale seen.

Diagnosis: VSD Muscular

This examination took place after 1 week of his birth.

Can you please provide me with a detailed explanation of the case and your suggestions please.

Thank you in advance for your response.
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There are multiple comments about small muscular ventricular septal defects on this site if you search the topic "VSD".  A 3 mm muscular VSD is a small, common congenital heart defect that has a very good chance of improving on its own over time.  Just continue to follow with your cardiologist.  It is highly unlikely that any action will need to be taken on your child with a small hole.
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