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My 17 days old Baby
Hi Doctor,

My 17days old baby girl is diagonised to have VSDs of 2mm in size. There is no symptoms except for a murmur heard through stethescope.

We took our baby for check as she got bit cold.

The report as follows:
2 mm Mid Muscular VSD <2:1 Shunt Gradient of 68/28 MMHG

The birth weight of the baby is 3.58 Kg. No feeding problem seen.

Doctor have stated that it will close automatically as the baby Grows and they have not recommended any kind of medicines. They have instructed to come for check up after an Year.

My questions are:

1.   Does the presence of small VSDs has the effect of a large VSD.

2.   How does the VSDs is going to affect the baby in both Short Terms & Long Term

3.   What are the precaustions to be taken by the parents

4.   What is the chance of spontaneous closure of the VSD.

5.   What are the symptoms we should look for.

Humbly request you to have kindness to explain the queries in ellobrate.

Thanks in advance,

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Small muscular ventricular septal defects (VSDs) are extremely common heart murmurs, and if they are the only heart problem, will pose no extra work for the heart in the short term or the long term.  There is a high chance  (better than 50%) that they can even close spontaneously. There are no special precautions that need to be taken on the part of the family.  The baby would be expected to feed and grow normally. If your child were to have trouble taking in enough nutrition, or was failing to grow normally, or breathing fast most of the time, then you should take the child back to the doctor to check on the VSD. But that is highly unlikely to happen.  Good luck.
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