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Need suggetion for my sister

Respected Sir ,

My sister is now almost 35. Right from her birth she has VSD with PAH.
she is married at the age of 21 but she cannot be mother, because of her VSD defect with PAH. Her husband knows these very well before their marriage as they have love marriage. He doesn't have any problem with my sister's VSD. He takes very good care of my sister since they got married because he loves my sister a lot.
I wanted to do something for my sister. I can see , she suffers a lot , she never have normal healthy life since her birth. we grew together we played we shared good and bad times together. Is there any treatment for VSD with PAH now? i am looking for her treatment in US or anywhere in the world who can give long life to my sister.
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Thank you so much for your reply.
Yes she is so lucky and as we are too, to have her as my elder sister. We all love her so much we don't want to lose her.
She knows everything about her health. She is so strong and very practical in life as she knows her lifespan is not like normal person.
Again thank you for your suggestion.

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Unfortunately there is no easy treatment for pulmonary hypertension associated with unrepaired congenital heart disease.  It sounds like your sister has been very fortunate to have lived to the age of 35 years (many don't live that long) and to have found happiness and marriage.  PAH secondary to congenital heart disease will lead to an early death in all cases.  There is some clinical improvement in some patients with the use of supplemental oxygen, and with medications used for erectile dysfunction (like Cialis and Viagra)--those medications can relax the blood vessels in the lungs and give some symptomatic relief to some patients.   However that is not curative.  Heart and lung transplantation is a very limited resource that is rarely pursued due to the lack of donors, the difficulty in surviving the surgery, the many medications needed afterwards and the fact that life is only prolonged for a few years.  So it sounds like your sister has been very fortunate to have the love and support of your family and her husband.  Good luck.
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