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tiny mid muscular ventricular septal defect

One of my twin daughter is recently diagnosed with the tiny mid muscular VSD of size 0.6mm. The Pediatric cardiologist has mentioned that there is nothing to worry and the hole may fill spontaneously, however I am very concerned and wanted to check what are the closure rates for such defect. She is also diagnosed with PFO ( patent foreman ovale). She is 4 months old. Please let me know if I should be concerned and take any special precautions for her well being.
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All children are born with a small hole between the upper heart chambers called a patent foramen ovale (PFO), that can take months to years to close and is nothing to worry about.  A very small muscular VSD as you describe also is nothing to worry about.  They often close within the first few years of life.  But even if they remain open, a tiny VSD would not cause any problems and a person can live a long healthy life with a small VSD.
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This is very helpful, thx
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