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Creatinine levels gradually increase of a new born baby

Creatinine levels gradually increase of a new born baby, on last blood report creatinine is 2.5 & urea is 46. The baby is under treatment of doctor & one operation done due to the Posterior urethral valve (PUV) obstruction. Baby is under observation.

Age of new bron baby is 10 days & weight at born 3 kg. The baby was born with urine infected kidney problem
(Hydronephrosis) with Posterior urethral valve (PUV) obstruction.

I am not understand what i can do, please suggest.

Thanks & Regards,
Pulakesh Das
Kolkata, India
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Hi Pulakesh Das -
I'm sorry but I am having trouble understanding your question.  It sounds as though you have a 10 day old infant with posterior urethral valve obstruction that has already been repaired.  If the obstruction was successfully repaired, and if urine output is increasing, the urea and creatinine should begin to come down.  You might ask to speak to the nephrologist (kidney specialist) about how much recovery of kidney function is expected and over what time period.   I hope that your baby is doing better soon.
best wishes,
Elizabeth Rand, MD
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