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10 Year old throwing up for 2 months.....

I have a question for a coworker who has a 10 year old who is constantly sick (throwing up) for the last 2 months. (no fever).  She has brought him for many, many tests, scans and ultrasounds.  He's had blood work, endoscope's, etc...  He has missed school now for 2 months and no one can tell what is wrong with him.     She moved to a new apartment maybe 5 months ago and the person living next door had a bad cockroach infestation.  Her unit has been sprayed almost every 2 weeks the entire time she has lived there. The family who had the roaches were kicked out a few weeks ago and the # of roaches she see's are getting less but they are still there.  My friend feels fine and her other 2 young sons (age 5 & 6) also show no symptoms - only the 10 year old.  Here's my question: Could the roaches and treatments be what's bothering her son? Even though no one else is experiencing these symptoms? I feel so bad for her and her son. :(
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Have they been able to find out what's wrong with him? My daughter is having similar symptoms and they haven't found anything after many tests.
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