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13 year old Right Eye 20/50 all of a sudden

So my 13 year old son complained about 2 weeks ago that when he only saw thru his right eye, his vision was blurred when reading things.  

I don't know if this was gradual or all of a sudden since I don't think he regularly checked his eyes like this.  The last eye check was done at school back in Sept.  Now it is May.

We went to the pediatrician and they did an eye test and found his left eye is 20/20 but his right eye is 20/50.  This test was done with the Letter Chart.  The doctor asked the right questions about headaches and other things just to make sure it was nothing more serious.  The Dr recommended an eye doctor and we will be seeing one next week.  

My question is could his right eye decrease in vision be caused by puberty?  or anything else? When he uses both eyes he says he can see clearly.  Only when he covers his left eye and see's out of his right eye he notices the blurriness/nearsightedness.    I'm certain the eye dr will recommend glasses.  But what are the risks of him not getting glasses since when he uses both eyes, the eyesight is not a problem?  
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Don't avoid what the doctor recommends.  He is probably more likely to recommend vision therapy and eye exercises and maybe an eye patch on the strong eye for a while, than glasses, but if he does recommend it don't assist your son to avoid wearing the glasses.  The serious question is why it came on so suddenly.  Don't gloss it over with "the working eye will do the work of the weak eye," he needs correct depth perception and there are other issues too. Get him to a good opthamologist or diagnostic optician.
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It wouldn't be anything to do with puberty.
thanks for the advice.  we are going to the eye doctor on the weekend.  the pediatrician thinks it was gradual.  he asked about headaches and checked his eyes and thinks it wasnt sudden.  i ll see what the eye doctor says.  i guess im afraid of him wearing glasses but these days it's hard to avoid with the computers and notebooks, ipads, phones, etc..
I'd be afraid of him not being able to see, and afraid of whatever has caused the vision change, more than afraid of him wearing glasses.  Lots of kids wear glasses, and nobody makes a big deal out of it.  They look cute in them, too.
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I think an opthalmologist would be a better option for your son to be seen,they will be able to tell if its just a vision issue or if its something more serious.I am saying this because my daughter also had some vision issues that they didn't take seriously until she was seen by an opthalmologist.
My daughter had a sudden eye turn with sudden decrease of vision,she had to get a emergency brain MRI
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