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16 months baby,blood test results


I have a baby girl 16 months. we did some blood test yeasterday just to check her because we never had any test for her. Except when she was born. She is normal and well but im worried about the results. She was abit sick with some slight cough 3 weeks  ago. But now she is ok
Here are the results

WBC                         10.84 x10^3/ µL

NEU                         37.3%       Normal Value(40 - 60)    absVal(  4.05   x10^3/ µL)     Normal Value(2 - 7.5)
Lym                          47.1%       Normal Value(25 - 40)    absVa(  5.11   x10^3/ µL)     Normal Value(0.5 - 4)
MONO                      11.0%       Normal Value(2 - 8)        absVa(  1.19   x10^3/ µL)     Normal Value(0.2 - 0.8)
EOS                          4%          Normal Value(1 - 4)        absVa(  0.43   x10^3/ µL)     Normal Value( < 0.4)
BASO                        0.6%       Normal Value( < 1)         absVa(  0.06   x10^3/ µL)     Normal Value( < 0.1)

RBC                          5.11   x10^6/ µL        Normal Value(4 - 5.4)
HGB                          12.4   g/dL                Normal Value(12 - 16)
HCT                           35.1%                      Normal Value(35 - 50)            
MCV                           68.7 fL                     Normal Value(80 - 95)
MCH                           24.3 pg/cell              Normal Value(27 - 32)
MCHC                        35.3 g/dL                  Normal Value(32 - 36)
RDW-SD                     35.8 fL                     Normal Value(37 - 54)
RDW-CV                     14.7%                      Normal Value(11 - 16)

PLT                            359  x10^3/ µL          Normal Value(150 - 400)
PCT                            0.36%                     Normal Value(0.17 - 0.35)
PLCR                          26.2%                     Normal Value(13 - 43)
MPV                           10.1 fL                    Normal Value(9 - 13)                
PDW                           11.6%                     Normal Value(9 - 17)

ESR                            12mm/h                  Normal Value( <15 )

SIDEREMI                   115.7  µg/dL           Normal Value(29 - 91)

SIDEREMIA(IRON) is high and MCV AND MCH is low
Can anyone please tell me what these means? some doctor told me they think is thalasemia. We were giving our baby some multivitamin syrup which contained 4mg IRON and doctor said to not give anymore. Because the iron is high.*sidermia

We are from Ballkan and thalasemia is a bit spread.Please help me because im really worried.
(sorry if its a doublepost)
Thank you
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Is there any family history of thalassemia ? Go for Hb electrophoresis test to confirm it ...
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