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1yr old spits up daily

My 1yr old son still spits up daily. Spit up occurs almost exclusively in the mornings after breastfeeding. Amount is small and usually just milk or milk with a small amount of his breakfast (I have started giving him breakfast after breastfeeding instead of waiting, he will not eat until he nurses). He does not vomit. Little guys weighs 22lbs 10oz and is 29 inches long . He eats pretty much anything except green beans. He does drools a lot, currently has 4 teeth. He can sit and crawl well and is getting very close to walking unassisted. Occasionally he sounds a little wheezy. He does wake up every night around the same time and cries and falls back asleep quickly. He doesn’t snore and isn’t a particularly noisy sleeper. At least last night he was sleeping with his mouth closed. When he was 5months old he spent a week in ICU with a feeding tube and nasal cannula because of a double viral infection (not COVID). We have no history of autoimmune disease, abnormalities of any sort or asthma. Nonsmoking household. Kids get primarily unprocessed/organic food and he doesn’t get any sugar except muffins sweeter with organic maple syrup. Overall I feel like he is a happy guy but pediatrician says spit up at his age isn’t normal, any advice or suggestions are very appreciated . He was treated for GERD for a short time when he was younger but medicine didn’t seem to help. Episodes or spitting up have gotten much better as he has gotten older. One pediatrician at ICU did mention possibly having a large flap? Causing whistling noise out his nose but said he would outgrow it, I’ve never been able to figure out what he was talking about. That doctor only examined my son once before his shift ended.
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