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23 month old Cough, temp & blue lips

My son has been ill for seven weeks it started with a bacterial infection (streptacocle i think) in his chest & throat, which was treated with an antibiotic & he seemed to improve but the following week the infection came back;he has a chesty cough runny nose, high temp up to 40.4c and occasionally his lips turn Blue, I have seen 4 doctors and tried 3 antibiotics, a chest x ray & urine test have both come back clear.... up to now he has been a well child (1 previous chest infection when he was 6 months) . I have asked to be referred to a paediatrician but my GP says it is a virus. is there anything else it might be?
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Does he have RSV.. That sounds like what my daughter had when she was 1..
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Whats RSV, I have never heard of it
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RSV is like a serious cold. My daughter gets needles to prevent RSV because she was born preemie. RSV, doesnt harm adults or older children and most of the time people dont know they have it. It has alot of cold symptoms. Respiratory Synical Virus... (i think that is what it stands for.. ) IT is basically a bad cold. Though very contagious and harmful to pregnant people and little children and babies. (mainly under the age of 2) Most people can fight it off like a cold. BUt it should be something you consult a doctor with. Maybe go for a second opinion. I would.. It very well could be RSV. My daughter has alot of the same symptoms and they are tryign to figure out what it is.. does he seem to be in distress when his lips turn blue... or does anything about him change when he has a fever... or coughing??? If your doctor isnt giving you proper advice. Go get a second opinion.
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I have 22 month old that has been healthy and always got the flu shot.  Since she was born, we have always noticed her feet and fingers would get bluish in color and cold.  I was told she would grow out of this.  Now going on 2 yrs here this March, the more she is active, jumping, singing, and running, her lips and fingers are cold as ice and blue in color.  I have never brought her in for any illness until the last two weeks, she developed an ear infection, on the antibitic for 10 days, now today, I brought her in because of a upper respiratory cold.  I mentioned these episodes of activity and blue lips, he was very concerned and now we are seeing a cardiologist that specializes in pediatrics and will be having a echocardiogram and ekg done.  Have you noticed these symptoms before?
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