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23 month old's finger and toe nails peeling off from cuticle!

I was looking at my almost 2 year old (23 months) son's hands the other day and noticed his nails on both pointer fingers are peeling.  They both have bubbled up at the cuticle and started peeling.  Some of the nail has broken off at the cuticle exposing the nail bed.  Today as I was calling his pediatrician with this concern, I noticed his nails on his left big toe and his right second toe are doing the same thing.  He hasn't been sick with any viruses recently nor has he had any accidents where he has smashed his fingers or toes.  I have never seen this and none of my other kids have had this problem.  I am still waiting for the pediatrician to call back so I was wandering if anyone else has heard of or experienced this before.  I would really love some input!
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The first thought that pops into my head is that he is deficient in some sort of vitamin or something?  (btw, that doesn't mean you don't serve him healthy foods, just that for some reason he is lacking in something).  I have also read that this can happen after a child recovers from Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (in some cases).  I only came upon that as I was doing some reading tonight on HF and M.  In any event, it's good you've called the Dr. Please update us if you have the time?  All the best to you.
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I took him to the dr today.  The dr had no idea what is causing it.  She didn't even mention a vitamin deficiency, which kinda surprised me.  He is having some issues with not growing at a normal rate.  She is concerned about him being too short and not growing at the rate that he should.  He is going to be 2 on June 28th and he is only 30 1/2 inches tall.  He has fallen off of the growth chart with his height.  I am wandering if there is some sort of growth issue that may be affecting his nails also.  I don't know, just a thought.  She is going to set up some tests when I take him for his 2 year visit to see if there is a growth hormone deficiency or some other underlying disease causing him not to grow, or if it is just simply how he is made.  So, hopefully we will get some more answers next month!
Just read your comment, My son just has the exact situation. can you share how the issue ended? what was the cause of it? Thanks!
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I'm having this very same issue with my three year old... No recent illnesses or concerns she has had hand foot and mouth desease several months bk but hv just noticed the nail problem... First her thumb and now her big toe.. She never complains from any pain from it ?? Just wondering how your case turned out??
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I think it is an after effect of the Foot and Mouth disease she had...I think you will find it clears up..if it gets worse ask the doctor what you can do if anything about it ..
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Not all that long after I replied to the original posters question, my son (almost 3) contracted hand foot and mouth.  It was a pretty mild case, but not long afterward his nails did this. They stopped after a short time, and as his nails grew out they were fine.  No problems now at all.  As the above poster said, it's very very common after a case of hand foot and mouth.  I really wish Dr.'s would let us know this can happen when they diagnose this virus.  All the best to you.
Thank you so much for posting this because I'm having the same issue with my 3 year old son. He also had hand foot mouth about a month ago. He just started with his nails peeling i feel like between  yesterday and today because i trimmed his nails 2 days ago. Makes me feel better to read this :) .
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Im so grateful to have seen this post. My 2 1/2 year old, just out of the blue, has like bubbly and damaged nails, peeling away from the cuticle.
I was immediately really concerned.
But it seems that it’s because of hand foot and mouth - which he had around 6 weeks ago.
We weren’t even sure it was that until we saw spots in his mouth - we just thought he had a mild bought of chicken pox as they were not just on his hands etc.
I will give it a few weeks and see how they are but, definitely a relief to see this post - thank you.
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