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3 yr Toddler- White poop

My son is 3 yrs old.  I took him last Sunday to the pediatrician for vomiting.  Prior to that I took him 2 weeks ago for cough and chest congestion.  My son has had a bad cough for over 4 weeks and starting on Sunday he was vomiting, naseous, complete loss of apetite.  The pediatrician drew blood, ordered a chest x-ray and put him on a nebulizer treatment.  He said that his chest was congested and the vomiting was probably due to that or a small virus.  My son was given an antibiotic shot that visit and was given the following: Sulfamethoxazale for infection, poly-tussin for cough and congestion, prednisolone for inflammation of the brochios.  On Monday my son was fatigued and continued to vomit.  On Tuesday he continued with the abdominal pain and had a loose bowel movement (stinky and a lot).  Wednesday the same thing happened one large watery bowel movement.  Thursday was better and today Friday his first stool was pale with a hint of yellow (abdominal pain) and he had a second bowel movement a few hours ago, but it was almost "white". I'm taking him back to the pediatricians tomorrow, what do you recommend that I ask him?
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Hi, my daughter is 3 and she had the same problem. (except coughing spasm), 5 days ago she had vomiting, loss of appetite and then 2 episode of white poop. (last just today).  yesterday she has some small urticaria on her body, hand and foot. I gave her Loratadine and now she is OK.
about your kids, could you understand what was the cause? should I go for blood tests and liver function test?
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My goodness I think we have experienced almost parallel experiences. My son is 4 came home from school coughing, turned into a coughing spasm, took him to the hospital, they gave him a nebulizer treatment & diagnosed w/ an ear infect. treated w/ anti-b. Then a week later, vomiting non stop, and 3 days feeling better, now white poop! Did you ever find out what it was?
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Wow, your little guy sounds miserable, and you has well.  It's heartbreaking when they're sick.  

The white bowel could just be in reaction to the medication he's taking??  Has the doctor ruled out RSV??  My daughters never had it but, his symptoms (coughing for 4 weeks) sounds alot like it.  If that's the case he really should be getting breathing treatments, they're much more effective. Were you given med for the cough the first time you took him in??  Could it be an allergic reaction to the meds??
It does take their little bodies to work through viruses longer than us.  Ask to make sure your son isn't getting dehydrated.  Keep pushing a many fluids as your son will take.  Not eating isn't a major problem it's when they stop taking fluids.
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