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4 month Old Breathing Spasms after Crying

At 4 months old, we brought my daughter to her doctors for her scheduled immunization shots. When we brought her home, the pain must have set in, and she was very upset and started crying with a shrieking scream.  Moments later, she started sucking her breath for a few seconds with a panic look on her face (almost like a spasm) and then would exhale. She continued to do this every few minutes even after she'd calmed down.  This 'episode' continued for about 8 hours, even during her sleep.  She wouldn't cry afterwards, but she'd wake up for the couple of seconds that she's gasping.  Then the next morning she's 100% fine.

It seems to be directly related to the crying and/or being extremely upset and been crying loudly for 5 minutes or more. And it usually follows when she'd been crying hard from pain (immunization) or is frightened. She is now 6 months old and had done this a few more times after being extremely upset.

We took her in for an EEG and her results came out normal, but we are going to have an MRI done as well, just as a precautionary. Her doctor suggested that it may be behavioral and I've been reading up on this 'Breath Holding Spell', however BHS doesn't last for 8 hours.    

Can anyone share their insights? Has anyone else had this experience?

Can crying in an infant cause spasms such as this that last for hours (8 or more)?  
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