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4 month old still wont sleep through the night

My 4 month old son still wakes up 2 times every night to eat. He also stirs around constantly throughout the night. This has been going on sense day 1. He has pulmonary stenosis and acid reflux (which he takes medication for), so he sleeps in a swing so that he is elevated.
We've tried giving him cereal to keep him fuller longer, a binkie, swinging/not swinging, swaddling, white noise/music, car rides...
He just will not sleep.
He hardly sleeps during the day also. When he does sleep day or night, its about 5-10 minute sessions.
He is an EXTREMELY fussy baby. Constant crying and flailing around. My days and nights consist of trying to get him to calm down.
His doctor has done nothing to help in the way of solutions or suggestions. She basically says, that's just how some babies are.
This momma needs some rest and sleep ( I'm also have a 17 month old and I'm a single working mom). Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to help my child sleep through the night? PLEASE HELP!!
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I don't think the cereal helps, since it's mostly carbs (which last less long than protein).  Ask your pediatrician for advice and whether it is usual for a 4-month-old to wake up twice in the night to eat.  I thought that was normal.
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