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4 year old boy, large white stain in underwear following pee accident

Only a picture would do it justice but not sure how to post it.  My son is potty trained but on this particular day was fine and then just said mommy I'm peeing. That had never happened. It was first morning urine, he hadn't gone yet and said he didn't have to when I'd asked only a few minutes before.  He didn't lose complete control and most of it went in the toilet. The bit of urine dried bright white like the undies were bleached, but it washed out.  The urine in the toilet was very cloudy with lots of particulate present to my naked eye. Doctor has never seen anything like it, I brought the undies in and showed her. Freaking out a bit... Urinalysis came back negative. The lab also spun the sample and looked at it under the scope and it came back "many amorphous crystals present" as the only result. They sent it out for culture and was negative for any infection. All good things except for leaving me with more questions than answers... Help please!
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If anyone knows how to add a pic I can provide a visual
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Photos added, please see my pictures for a visual, thanks!
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I’m curious if you have an update on your sons issue. My four-year-old is having the same white stains on his underwear and his culture came back with many Amorphis crystals as well. Did you end up doing any additional testing that  gave you answers? We are going to do a 24 hour urine collection, but I too am sort of freaking out, considering no one we have seen so far has seen this before!
Is this still happening with your son or did you get any answers?
Yes, it is. 24-hour urine test showed calcium level of 13.6 mg/kg/24...the highest our urologist and nephrologist have ever seen. :( And no one we’ve seen has ever seen the white urine stains in underwear either (which correlated to the fact they’ve never seen calcium level this high). The good news is we’ve had every single test under the sun done (including renal ultrasounds, bone scans, etc.) and all look normal at this point. I believe it all started with 2 severe nose bleeds and me having to give him a bleeding medication for the first time (he has von Willebrand). The white urine stains started showing up right after meds so I think his calcium balance was highly effected somehow...just a theory because it would be very rare reaction and Dr.s say it is unlikely. Sorry for such a long response, but thought I’d share all we know at this point. Repeat 24-hour collection is going to be done this week and want to get an Amino Acid blood test panel to see if anything gives us clues. Definitely been a journey so far. :/
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