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4 year old

My 4  year old have decayed molar teeth on the bottom. Do I need to take her to dentist.
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Decayed teeth can put bacteria into the bloodstream, damaging to the liver and kidney.  Get him to the dentist as soon as you possibly can.
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Hi,  well even though they are not her permanent teeth, they do usually use fillings on these teeth.  Molars which are in the back, kids have for many years and leaving the tooth could cause issues to the permanent teeth that comes in behind it.  Also, when a four year old has a rotting tooth, they will begin to address oral hygiene.  Some kids are more prone to cavities than others simply due to their genetics.  Flossing becomes really critical to get in between those teeth.  They'll probably advise you to not give your child any juice or sports drinks such as gator aid which they link to kids with the worst teeth decay.  

But a dentist appointment is in order and you'll then go from there.  Don't feel like you are alone.  Plenty of kids get cavities.  I have one child that has had his first cavity.  We go to a pediatric dentist which really helps as the whole office is set up for kids with kid things in it.  My kids think the place is cool and the dentist makes a special effort to give kids a pleasant experience at their office so they don't develop that lifetime phobia that so many have of dentists.  

so good luck!
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yes definately they will be able to advise and help ASAP
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