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5 year old Grandson is constipated

We live an hour away from my Ex daughter in law. And my son lives 2000 miles from all of us. So she lets us get the grandson every two weeks. Every time we pick him up he is so constipated. Once he pooped and it was the size of my arm and almost as long. We were stund !
  Sometimes he has a BM LEAK. In his under pants.
  Awhile back on the way home from taking him back to his mom. She calls me yelling at me because he had poop in his underware, and that every time he comes back from our house he has had poop in his underware and that he can't go to his school if he is not potty traded. Well I assured her that we'd never do anything to hurt him and that we thought she had given him a lax. To make him go cause he'd had BM's leakage the whole time we had him. She went on to rant at me. So I finally said maybe something is wrong and she should take him to a Doctor. So after we hung up I hadn't herd anything so I call her and ask how he was and she told me she had given him a sopostory. That he had a blockage.
I think she should take him to a specialest for ped. Stomachs. He holds himself in the front down there and does a lil dance and looks as if he is in pain and he'll hold his poop until the third day we have him.  And it is the biggest poop I have ever seen. Surly she had seen how big it is and how much pin he is in.
I was given him the Merlax and she told me not to give it to him anymore. So then I bought him som gummy fiber and sent it to her house. And I got some for our house to. It's not working if she is giving it to him like it said to. So I got some ExLax and gave him 2 square. Last night at 7:00 pm and one this morning at 9:00 am By 2:30 he was holding himself and I ask him if he had to go pool and he said No. I expland to him that the chocolate I had given him was poopy med. and if his tummy hurt it was time to go poop. So he decided to go.
  We had gone to the local collage baseball game and my husband had to take him to the bathroom I had seen him holding his tummy so I went down to check on them. My husband said he was so Piddafull. He said he was yelling "it hurt to poop poppa it hurts".
But the ExLax caused him some bad cramps. I was a lil concerned.
What am I to do ?  Should I take him to an after hour Doctor the next time this happens or what?
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