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6 year old boy having mini blackouts

My 6 year old boy ( turning 7 on Dec 20 2017) just woke up (around 1:50 am its now 2:15) to go to the bathroom. He asked me for a drink so I went to the kitchen to get him some water. When I came back in he looked like he was sleeping already so I said hey wake up here's your drink you asked for. As he sat up he said his head hurts again then he got wide eyed and said he couldn't see... I could tell he was scared so I asked him what happened and he said he got dizzy and then he could only see black for a little bit. I have had this happen to myself very many times and it scares the crap out of me but this time it my 6 year old and I'm really nervous... Husband doesn't seem to care just wants to go back to sleep... But now he's just laying still watching tv relaxing and he says to me his "heart's beeping fast" so I lay my head on his chest and its racing. He went to urgent care last night because he's been having bad headaches, has a fever and a crazy sounding cough. They said on verge of having bronchitis. But now tonight this happens... What could be going on... I have a few different anxiety disorders and I'm freaking out. As I'm typing this he just got up to drink some more water and the dizziness and blacked out vision happened again... And he said he doesn't want to get up ever again
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So sorry for the delay in responding, I'm sure this was very scary!  If you have not done so already, it's important to get your child in to see a doctor- what you are describing are not symptoms to ignore.  

Let us know how he is doing!
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