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7 year old female ?

I would really appreciate a second opinion after seeing an endocrinologist who basically said it was diet and lifestyle, her sister exactly same food/activity is 9 but 15 kg lighter than her 7yr female, so it doesn't add up.
Concerns: early puberty, weight, thyroid?(family history) ??
Recent Bloods:( listing those out of range only)
Oestradiol: <50pmol/L *H(0-37)
ALT 40U/L *H(<35)
ALP 559 U/L *H(100-300)
Cholesterol 5.8 mmol/L *H (2.5-4.9)
LDL 3.9 mmol/L *H(<3.5)
DHEAS 1.1 umol/L *H(0.0-0.5)
TSH 5.7mlU/L *H(0.50-4.50)
Ft4 13.0pmol/L(10-25)
Luteinizing Hormone: <0.2 IU/L *L(1.0-3.5)

Vit D was 53nmol/L(50-160), - gave a Vit D once off dose last week..said to come back in 6 months...
Please help, how can so many things be out of range? I really believe it's early puberty, but he said it wasn't, and I feel like it's something else..what do you think?

enlarged kidney since before birth
Showing signs of early puberty, hair, armpit odour, breast.
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Looks to me there is a thyroid issue which would cause all the issues you are stating.
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Have they mentioned anything about precocious puberty?  That would be my concern.  What exactly are the doctors saying?  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/precocious-puberty/symptoms-causes/syc-20351811
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