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7 year old, jaundice, bloody urine - help with identifying?

My 7 year old son has been admitted to hospital with the following symptoms:

- Bloody urine
- Jaundice
- High temperature
- Vomiting
- Drowsy
- Dehydrated
- Possible high sensitivty to light (this has not been consistent, but at times he has not wanted to have his eyes open)

He is being kept in hospital and is on a drip - the doctors are trying to find what the issue is but have not been able to identify the problem - he is very drowsy, has his eyes closed most of the time and is still very sick. The blood in the urine was initally intermittent but has now become much more obvious.

Any help on identifying a possible condition would be helpful - this would ofcourse be put to the doctors involved with his treatment, but given they are struggling to identify the problem, any suggestions would be appreciated. We are very worried about our little boy.

Many thanks,

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Hi! Most frequent cause is an urinary infection. One more possible cause could hemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS). Anyway, to help doctors, you could list all previous health conditions of your son, which were more serious than the usual cold and fever. Also tell them if there was a previous infection in the last 3 months. Any allergies? Good luck and for your son: get well soon!
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