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9 Month old.. Pectus excavatum and RSV bronchoilitus


I have a 9 month old son and ever since he went onto solids he had bad trouble gagging and being sick, i took him back and fore the doctors  last month when he had a cold, because he wouldn't keep anything down, which resulted in a hospital stay of 5 days and a tube feed, as it turned out he had RSV.

While there they done a chest x-ray on him and diagnosed bronchoilitus as well as the RSV, once he recovered and was released  from hospital he continued to have trouble eating, I took him back to the doctors who noticed a dip in his chest (which was put down to trouble breathing when in hospital).

They reffered him  back to the Paediatric consultant who examined him and sent me a copy of the letter he sent back to my GP. On the letter it states
"On examination he has a mild pectus excavatum. His chest is clear, His heart sounds normal.His abdoman is soft and he look generally well"

Also he added that he thinks he is suffering a mild reflux but with specific dysphagia caused by long standing reflux which is why he is having trouble eating.

What i wanted to know after reading the internet is.. could the bronchoilitus shadows the chest x-ray picked up be part of the pectus excavatum?? and have been wrongly diagnosed?? or would that not be the case.

I don't really understand this condition and what i am reading scares me, but the consultant never actually said anything to me about it in the examination room, just spoke about why he thought he wasn't very good at eating and reffered him to an eating team.


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