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Abdominal pain and nose bleeding, is this connected?

My son who is 5 years old have an abdominal pain for 3 days. The first day we wen to the hospital for check-up and the doctor there said its only constipation. They put an enema and gave us another two incase the problem persisted.
My question is on the 2nd day , my son started nose bleeding. The nose bleed starts without any reason. Usually when he was lyng down and in pain in his tummy. We finished giving him the 2 extra enema but i oticed that the last one i gave, as soon as he empty his bowel, the abdominal pain started right away. He said the pain eases when i massage his tummy and the funny thing is he only feels this during night time. He would go to bed happy and contented but the pain usually started at 2am till 6am. By that time my son i begging me to help him coz his tired and wants to sleep but the pain in his abdomen wont let him sleep. Ols, im very desperate and pity my son. Is anybody out there can give me some light on what is really happening to my son?
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I’m 18 and having the same symptoms but doctors can’t find anything. Intense nose bleeds, diarrhea, severe abdomen pain which is worst when I eat, and vomiting.... been this way for a month and a half... if you find answers please let me know. Good luck with your son I hope he feels better soon! Xox
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Was there a diagnosis on this? My son has similar issues now.
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This happened to my daughter from chronic ecoli ingestion. Got very severe and her kidneys suffered from repeated antibiotics as she was never diagnosed properly. To get the ecoli out we used dmannose. Her symptoms before were poor appetite, stomach pain, weakness, weight loss, dirty blood and back pain and finally chronic nosebleeds and not being able to make it to the bathroom on time. Needless to say we also flushed her body to relieve the kidneys as she was near septic and still not being diagnosed in western medicine. Meanwhile according to different health care providers her iron was low. Her creatine was low. And her potassium was high. Took a year before she was fully recovered from danger a very scary time indeed as we had to learn new things all along the way! It still matters what she eats. Food as medicine. Much research. Probiotics to heal ..What to eat and what NOT to eat is very important. Took away all food that ecoli thrives on and some things for a time that the organs had a hard time to utilize or process properly. Processed Sugar has become taboo. A good naturopath can help.
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