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Advanced bone age and Short stature

I am suffering extreme depression and its the ONLY thing i need, i was always short since childhood and didnt take my short stature seriously. But at 16 my height was 5ft3inches.(161cm) (right now, iam 17 and my height is 5ft4,163cm)) My dads height is 5ft8, my moms height is 5ft1. I have many famliy relatives above 6ft, my grandfather was 6ft2 and my uncle is 6ft1. But when i reached an endocrinologist, he took some tests and i was normal. He took an X ray to find out if the growth plates were closed, and its too late, to my surprise, at 16, my bone age was reported to be 19+/-. He said i couldnt do anything and shouldnt waste money on hgh supplements to gain a few cms. He did another test to see why i have advanced bone age, the test reported i had a bit above average testosterone (9.16 ng/ml). i neither had a growth spurt or hair overgrowth. I dont have any beard, facial and chest hair but a slight moustache, I also have almost average leg height, but my torso length is very short. I heard Spine is the last bone to stop growth, and i have a very short spine. Please help me, iam incredibly depressed, i do alot of exercise, drink lots of milk, (havent taked hgh supplements), i can do anything to just gain few centimeters and will be very happy to go from 5ft4 to 5ft6. Most probably i wont grow, as been told, i have been thinking of doing the super expensive and dangerous limb lengthening surgery in near future. What can i do, i hate seeing myslef with other people. ( I have also been a bit sleep deprived at 13 years old and i masturbated alot back then, does this have any effect?)
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Check this out: https://www.calculator.net/height-calculator.html?ctype=standard&ptype=1&cage=17&csex=m&cheightfeet=5&cheightinch=3&cpound=40&mcheightfeet=5&mcheightinch=1&fcheightfeet=5&fcheightinch=8&cheightmeter=112&ckg=18&mcheightmeter=164&fcheightmeter=178&x=60&y=10

As you can see you are normal. And there are enough people, who dislike large persons and find smaller ones more attractive  ;) Cheers!
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