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Thank you so much for this platform.

I am hoping for some advice.

My son is 13 years old,and has a bone age scan of 15.5. He is currently 5 foot 3. The endocrinologist told us that we can put him on amiridex if we want. He thinks at this late stage in the game the most we would get from it is a quarter of an inch to an inch. He thinks that without giving it, my son would grow just one to two more inches. He said we can start right away and take another bone age scan in three months from now.  The Doctor says the only side effects he has seen from it is some acne. However, when i google the medication, I see that its not even FDA approved for kids and men, and that there can be a whole lot of unwanted side effects. The doctor did mention that since this hasnt been used for 25 years yet, we cant know the long term effects. I am wondering what you would suggest. Have others used this medication for this reason? Did it cause bad side effects? Did it seem to help slow down the bone age progression?
Every inch that he can still grow is extremely helpful, but I dont know if the side effects would potentially outweigh the benefits. Any light that can be shed on this matter would be so much appreciiated.
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