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Anastrozole for advanced bone age

My 11 year old son is only 4'6" and has an advanced bone age of 13 year old. He started puberty around 10 years old. He has been short since childhood and has been on GH since age of 6.

Now endo is suggesting that in order to give him more time to grow, we give him Anastrozole.  I have seen lot of posts and spent hours on the forums wherever I found mention of advanced bone age/Anastrozole/Letrozole. It seems there are quite a few posts under Pediatric Endo forum but not able to find any answers if any parents tried Anastrozole/Letrozole and what has been their experience regarding delaying bone age and side effects.  

I will appreciate if any parent with experience of using Anastrozole for their kids may share their experience.

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I understand your fear for your son.  My nieces weren't given this drug but another and both did grow.  One is average height now and the other is a bit above average.  Here's a study on anastrozole specifically that you may have found during your research on how it has helped boys.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2266949/  The boys in this study gained roughly 4.5 inches in height.  Here's the whole FDA guide on it https://www.fda.gov/media/75520/download  Personally, I do think it is hard for boys to be of short stature and advanced bone age can have other implications later on.  I'd consider trying it but that is totally a personal choice.  I do not like to give my kids medication but I saw the impact on my nieces lives to become 'more normal' and it was a positive.  
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