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Appropriate high calorie foods for 13 month old

My 13 month old lost a great deal of weight while ill with rotovirus.  He finally seems to be over it and my pediatrician has him on a high calorie diet.  The list she has given me is not very extensive and I am having trouble finding good meal suggestions on line.  Obviously a well balanced and nutritious diet is still very important.  Anyone have any good suggestions for meals for me?  He likes pretty much everything I give him, but I think he is getting sick of all the stews I am making.  And everything I find on line seems to be full of sugar.  I would be grateful for any toddler appropriate recipes or ideas you may have.  Thanks so much.
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Hi Amanda,

Following 2 wb sites are my go to sites for Seth's meals. Love their suggestions and information. Hope the site names won't be xx'd out by MH.

     http://   www.   wholesomebabyfood.     com/

     http://  www.   homemade-baby-food-recipes.   com/

At our last visit Seth's ped was bit concerned about his weight as well. He had a bad flu and did not eat for almost a week so that really affected his weight. So I am curious to know what other suggestions you get on here.
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How about cheese, cubed, grated and melted over veg, pasta , noodles, add butter to bread, fingers of toast, pancakes, mix butter into hot cereal ,baby yoghort,  puddings ,if he's not allergic peanut butter on crackers and bread .eggys, chicken nuggets....good luck
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Oh and also my mother mentioned about a yummy custard for babies.
Just cos I am too lazy to type it all out I googled the recipe for ya. You can leave the apple out of Ryder is not a big fan of apples.

Here’s an easy and yummy baby food recipe for apple custard.  Full of Iron and Protein and Vitamin C too, this healthy apple recipe will surely please your little one!  Cut it up and offer it as a finger food meal, drizzle with some yogurt and sprinkle on wheat germ for extra nutrition!

1/2 cup of apple puree or Natural applesauce
2 egg yolks beaten
1/2 cup milk or formula if desired
Blend all the ingredients together and pour into individual ramakins or into a small glass baking dish.  Add water to a baking tray large enough to accomodate the molds or baking dish.  Water should be about 2-3  inches or enough to come halfway up the side of the baking dish/ramakins.  

Bake in oven at 325 F for 25-30 minutes or until firm.  Serve warm or cool!

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Thanks to both of you.  All great suggestions.  I haven't tried peanut butter yet, but no other food allergies so my pediatrician has said to go ahead and introduce it.  I appreciate the help!!
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Oh, and thank your mom too!!  Sorry Seth was also sick...Ryder had this for several weeks and got down to 17 lbs..it was so scary!  Hope sweet Seth is also on the mend!
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