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My 15mo old son had a mild fever at the beginning of last week, which then turned into a clear runny nose, which then turned into a cough, and now has a rash with small bumps all over his torso.  The rash does not seem to be itchy at all.  He did receive his first chicken pox vaccine almost 2wks ago.
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Hi.  give your doc a call to be safe but many viruses are associated with rashes.  Roseola starts off as a fever issue and then that goes away and a rash on the torso appears.  Just to be safe though, call your pedi and see what they think.  good luck
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There are many virus sickness's going round with similar symptoms you describe, I think you will find he'll be okay in a few days .It also has the sound of Roseola which i very common in children of this age group .
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