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Bilateral pneumonia with sepsis

my 3yr old son  had a fever of 104 suddenly and went into seizure..we rushed him to the ER.. then he was diagnosed with croup syndrome... he was having frequent and sudden elevated temp and seizures...and now after 4 days he was diagnosed again with bilateral pneumonia and sepsis...I don't know what to do .. please give me advise.. what is the statistics on this kind of disease and how to cure it..
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blood poisoning is very serious alone, it can be fatal too if left untreated, a temp of 104 is dangerously high and needs to be dropped, thats why he has developed seizures, pneumonia is treatable if its bacterial but if its a virus then we have to fight it alone, as for croup its a virus and has to be fought alone too, it may take a while for your son to get better, i had blood poisoning when i was 5 yr old and its awful to see a child lying there knowing theres nothing we can do other hope they'll have a speedy recovery, my sister had croup and was hospitalized because she had a heart condition she was fine.

they arent diseases, they are viruses that sound nastier than what they are, and they can be cured

try not to worry these viruses sound nasty but kids recover a lot better than adults, hes in hospital and is the safest place he can possibly be, i really hope he has a speedy recovery keep in touch :)
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