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Breastfeeding on Anti Depressents

I am at a loss as to what to do with the situation I am in.  I have a healthy 3 month old baby boy.  Several weeks ago I was diagnosed with Post Partum Depression that manifested itself with severe anxiety.  I sought treatment and am currently on a med called Cypatrix that is working extremely well for me.  I am feeling like myself again and truly enjoying my life and motherhood.  The problem lies in that my pediatrician feels that this particular drug has not been studied enough on nursing moms.  I talked to my physciatrist, and he is hesitant to change the meds as I am responding so incredibly well to this one.  His recommendation is not to nurse for the 4 hours after I take the drug as that is when it is at it's highest concentration in my milk.  I pump ahead of time to cover that time frame.  My baby isn't showing any obvious negative effects, but obviously I will not do anything to potentially harm him.  I would like to continue nursing as that is also in his best interest.  I am wondering if any other mom's have taken this drug while nursing and what there thoughts are?  Any information or opinions are very much appreciated.
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I would try to minimize the nursing. There are a lot of new formulas that have come out recently that contain much of the same qualities as breast milk. I don't think you should stop taking your medication, but I think it's safest for your child to have less of the breast milk, as it will always have trace amounts of the medication.  good luck.
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