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Chronic inflammation

About 3 month ago my husband and I noticed the left side of our son's scrotum was larger. The bulge would come and go. Our Pediatrician ordered a sonogram and sent us to a urologist. The urologist physically looked at our son and said "oh it's a hydrocele". He didn't look at the sonogram, sonogram results stated their was a tubular structure possible bowel or other structure. Surgery was scheduled. In the meantime, the bulge stayed about the same maybe grew a bit but it seemed to be more permanent, it wouldn't retract like it previously did.

Two weeks ago surgery was done, and afterwards the Dr wanted to know if my son recently had any trauma in the area, because the bulge was not a hydrocele it appeared to be inflamed tissue. Our little one is a busy boy but we have no knowledge of any injury in the area. He is not in pain and not running a fever. The Dr removed 50-70 % of the tissue. It was sent to pathology and results showed that is was inflamed tissue. The Dr also said his ball is fine and everything else looked normal.

What are are options at this point? The urologist just wants to wait a couple months and see what happens. I'm just concerned that the inflammation will develop into something more serious. Will this inflammation go away on its own?

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It may be a good idea to put this on the urology forum good luck
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