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Circumcision and penoplasty for my 2.5 year old?! I'm a nervous wreck.

My son is going in for a circumcision and penoplasty on Tuesday for phimosis. His scrotum is also too close to the head of his penis. His foreskin "balloons" when he urinates and it causes him a great deal of pain. i know I'm doing the right thing, but has anyone else been through this. I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing. Lots of horror stories on the web about this surgery. Surely there's some good stories too, right?!
Help me out here.
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How did your son's procedure go?  I am in the same situation.  I recently took my son to a pediatric urologist who recommended he have a circumcision and penoplasty.  In addition he is recommending a series of testosterone shots before performing the procedure.  I would love to hear about your experience.
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Hope it all went well. It's always harder for the parents than the child actually going through it.
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This is a follow up to my son's procedure.  We did decide to do both the circumcision and the penoplasty.  The results were wonderful and we are very happy we did this.  The pediatric urologist was wonderful.  In his words my son "Went is a boy, and came out a man."  It's been over a year and everything is still great.  
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