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Concern for my 4 yr old

I have a 4 year old little boy. He does not like to eat and I have tried everything. He has lost 4.5 pounds in the last month because he just does not like to eat. I have asked his doctor to check him for something to be wrong with his belly but she doesn't take me seriously and just shrugs it off as normal for a child his age. Besides the not eating he has been complaining that his back hurts all the time and that the bottom of the right side of his stomach is sore. I also told her about this and she did a urine test but never called me back with the results and I have called to check on them a few different times. Besides this issue we have an issue with the tips of his fingers and the bottoms of his toes. They are all peeling and all the skin is falling off down to the point that if he even bumps his fingers on something they begin to bleed. They drs have told me that this could be something they call finger tip exzema and there is nothing we can do to treat it. If antone knows anything about what could possibly be going on with my son I am open to anything that anyone might be able to suggest. I feel helpless cause I have no idea what I can do to help my son. He even says his finger tips hurt all the time.
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I would get a new doctor for your son.  Relating to his back pain, ask for a referral to a kidney specialist or a gastroenterologist.  

Here is some information on fingertip eczema:

      About Fingertip Eczema and Prevention

            Fingertip eczema is a condition in which the whole finger or parts of the finger are affected by eczema's red, watery and bumpy patches. Fingertip eczema causes numbness, stiffness and burning in the fingers. Cracked and dry fingertips often result.

            After fingertip eczema appears, the skin begins to peel off as it heals and continues peeling until all damaged skin falls off of the finger. This can continue with the same finger or may move from one finger or hand to another. While there is no cure for the condition, it can be managed.

            To help control eczema, take great care to make sure the skin is sufficiently moisturized. Use non-irritating lotions and creams. Thicker creams are often the preferred option for eczema patients, as moisturizing with thick cream will allow the patient more time between applications. Aloe vera gel, calendula cream and lotions containing chaparral (a desert plant used topically in Mexican folk medicine for skin conditions) are all recommended. Use mild soaps to clean the hands, and shower or bathe as quickly as possible.

            Maintain constant temperatures in the home. Use non-irritating laundry detergents, and avoid harsh cleaning preparations.

            Keep smoking and consumption of coffee to a minimum, as both can irritate eczema. Additionally, cow's milk and cow's milk products should be eliminated from the diet, as should all hydrogenated oils and fats as well as trans fatty acids.

      Treatment for Fingertip Eczema

            Most physicians will prescribe anti-inflammatory topical medications, such as steroids worn on the hands at night under gloves, to keep the medication absorbed into the skin. Antibiotics or combined steroid and antibacterial medications may also be used.

            Those with eczema may choose alternative therapies instead of medications for fingertip eczema. A paste of grated nutmeg and water can be applied daily to affected areas to help soothe and treat the skin. (Grate nutmeg and add a few drops of water until the shavings are moistened into a paste.) Other recommended home remedies include rubbing the juice of green leaves of finger millet on the area daily, adding 1 to 3 gm indigo naturalis to mild lotion to make a topical ointment for daily use or adding one tsp. of camphor oil to one tsp. of sandalwood paste to rub on eczema as needed.

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Could also be similar to the cold sore virus and maybe contagious .does he suck his fingers .Are they blistered ?
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