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Constant Muscle Twitching

Before I get started I want to tell you that I'm a (now fourteen) year old girl who is underweight, and healthy. The muscle fascuilations or whatever you call them, have been with me since May of 2014. The only significance to that day was that my dad was flying, and I was worried. I thought it was stress, but it never went away. Now, I can't stop tensing. It seems like it happens everywhere: feet and ankles, hands, shoulders, legs, you name it. I even scrunch my face up a little bit like every minute. It doesn't hurt, but it is so annoying. Also, it doesn't appear to happen when I'm active. For example: right now, I'm laying in bed typing this and I constantly have to move my right foot or it tenses, but and hour or two later, (if I'm still up) my arm will start tensing. I'm very paranoid and I think I have BFS or something really bad. I'm scared. A lot. So please, if you have had any similar symptoms or something, please let me know. Anything helps. :)
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It could be a vitamin deficiency, especially if you are underweight at your age.
You could try taking a multivitamin for a while and see if it helps. Calcium, potassium, and magnesium can effect the way your muscles contract and relax.
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I can try again.
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But my mom already bought me some, and nothing happened.
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