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Could all of her complaints and symptoms be related to lyme disease?

My daughter is 5 years old, over the past 3 months she has had very strange, nonspecific symptoms. She complained of a headache that woke her from her sleep with vomiting. We went to her doctor, who did a CBC which only showed elevated monocytes. I took her to the doctor yesterday because she has strep throat, and I asked for her to have blood work done which showed, low white blood cells, anemia and elevated monocytes. Her platelets had dropped but were still within normal range. We are going back for a repeat, but I am incredibly concerned. She has had nonspecific, asymptomatic fevers. She has been sick about 4-5 times since September (this is not including the headache mentioned or the strep throat). She goes through phases where she is just incredibly tired, my once energetic 5 year old will lay around for days on end. She has lost 2lbs in the past month, which may not be much, but it still concerns me because she is usually right on track with growing. I have to force her to eat, she doesn't even mention feeling hungry, when she used to be the type to get home from school every day and tell me how starving she was. I try to ask her what is bothering her, and she cries and says she doesn't know. She cries that her legs are "tired" and she can't walk, I watched her stumble yesterday because she could hardly walk. She was diagnosed with lyme disease in June of this year, it was caught very early though and she was treated quickly. Could all of this that is happening be related to that though? Is it possible treatment didn't work? I have tried to ask her doctor, but he has not been helpful. When I tried voicing my concerns the other day all he said was that it wasn't lyme disease. The only thing he mentioned about her CBC (without differential) was that if she was still anemic when the repeat is done, he would like to start her on iron supplements. Can lyme disease cause abnormal lab values on a CBC?
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