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My baby is now ten and a half months old.  A week ago, she was just seen for her "nine month" checkup.  A little late, but better late than never.  The doctor felt of her head but didn't say anything. The next day, he calls me and tells me he is refferring her to a bigger hospital where they are going to do a cat scan because he thinks one of her sutures is closing too soon.  

That doctor nor any other doctor she has ever seen has ever said anything about this before.  She has a cute, perfectly round shaped head.  I mean her head is like the cutest thing ever.  I've looked in to craniosyntosis and it seems that most babies are diagnosed at much younger ages and that they obviously have heads that aren't shaped quite right and you can tell something is wrong with them.  Then I read on the internet that there is a suture that is supposed to close between like 6 - 9 months old.

I am waiting to get her a second opinion before I get her a cat scan.  Has anyone else ever heard of an almost 11 month old being diagnosed with this condition for the first time and not having any physical signs to show for it?  Or is her doctor maybe being overly cautious or something?  I don't think there is anything wrong with her but now that he has thrown this out there of course I would feel like a terrible parent if I didn't follow up.
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I understand your concern as a parent and I would feel the same ...craniosyntosis  is congental consists of premature fusion of 1 or more cranial sutures     www.faces-cranio.org/Discord/Cranio.htm     if you do some research you will find much up there with pictures   I think a second opinion is always a good thing .Mayo Clinic have made this a specialty with many treatments .Good luck let us know what the treatment will be .
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