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Daughter walks on her tip toes

Hi. I have an 11yr old daughter, she has always walked on her tip toes, but I am starting to worry about it. Whenever she is barefoot, or even in flip-flops, she is unable to walk flatfoot, and I am constantly telling her to walk properly, she even stands on her tip toes when doing something, should I be worried? Should I get her tested for anything?

Thanks for your time.

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Her condition is called toe walking.  You might have already known that.  

It's common among toddlers,  and less common among older children.  Are you saying when she's in well-constructed tennis shoes,  she walks normally?

In children who always walk on their toes,  over the age of 4,  it's a symptom of autism.  

In her case,  if she's not barefoot - she walks normally?

It's a surprise that she's reached the age of 11 and her pediatrician hasn't tested her for this and recommended exercises or tendon surgery.

Best wishes.
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It can also be a form of muscular dystrophy, but with that said, I have a 9 year old niece who has been tested for this and all tests were negative. It's just what she prefers and feels comfortable with. Toe walking does not necessarily have to have an underlying medical condition.
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Hi. Thanks so much for your comments. I am taking an appointement with her doctor this week. I had never mentioned this to him before, but I think I should now.

She is not always on her tip toes when in shoes, but it does happen that she does not place her feet completely flat, mostly the left foot when she is in shoes.

She has been diagnosed with slight ADD, and she does have a bit of a learning disability, but seems to be getting better as she grows up.

You spoke of Autism, would'nt that be something she would have already been diagnosed with? Walking on tip-toes can not be the only symptom, and apart from her ADD, she is very healthy... she is 11 years old, and I would have thought that if she would have autism that she would have been diagnosed by now due to other symptoms.

Well thanks again, and please if anyone has anything else to add, please do.

Thanks again.
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My brother in law is 8 and does the same thing. His problem is overdeveloped calf muscles and tight achilles tendons, to make him aware of what he is doing, every time he walks on his toes, he has to sit for a couple of minutes so that he realizes he is doing it and can correct it.
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Autism may not have already been diagnosed as you are making an assumption that you are working with professionals that know everything. We know that doctors and even specialists are half knowledge and half hit and miss,,with a lot of misses. I would get her tested for autism NickieD. Is she socially unaware? Notice how she interacts with her peers, does she misunderstand social occasion? Also walking on tip toes can be a sign of a genetic disorder "fragile x" (not uncommon) and has a broad range that can be barely noticable (the person may seem a little different if you have knowledge of their disorder) up to a full blown mental disorder and this can be passed down. I suggest she be tested for fragile x also.
kind regards
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hi, I'm an occupational therapist. according to your report the problem can be due to the diagnosis that you pointed "ADD". just you should do something and check the range of motion in the ankles. is that full? if as you said it is a common situation in your girl, it is possible that during this period you find a shortness in achill tendon. it will be improved by exercise and massage. and the second point wich should be noted in these cases is that this kind of walking is sometimes due to a kind of sensory problem. she may does not have a good awerness of body and enough coordination of movement. it makes her walking on her toes. usually these cases have concentration problems. these all should be checked by an occupational therapist who works in the field of children.
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my daughter is three years old she still cannot speak clearly she walks on her tiptoes. She lines up everything when she is playing with her toys. She gets very upset over loud noises. Does she have autistic traits? Does she have autism?
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I am 17 and I walk on my tiptoes....
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my son is 2 yr and  has been diagnosed with infantile spasms.now,he is undergoing OT for behaviour related problems,like walking on toes.. he does this occsionally,reduced after 1 month of OT.
but now he is closing his eyes as if to escape form any type of input..
suggest what to do?
tried putting water,works for a few minutes...
anything to make him concentrate on his speech therapy?
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Hello I am an 11 year old girl I had to have 2 operations because of this. Ever since I was able to walk I was always on my tiptoes. I had an operation when I was 4 and one when I was 10. I think your 11 year old needs the same operation that I had on her achilles tendon. Seek medical help! You don't need to worry it is a 2 month recovery. Once you are able to crawl you know that you will be walking soon! Good luck. Wish you all of the best!!!
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I'm 20 and I've always walked on my tiptoes...  My brother and father are also the same.  I've been to a foot specialist and he recommended I wear new balance to give myself better posture, but never said anything about my walking on tiptoes.  I only do this when I'm barefoot, or when I am standing still.  I do not wear heels ever, but I believe it could be due to tendons being too tight.  I am unable to flex my foot upwards.  I also have no arch to my feet either.
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curious are your toes spread apart too? My daughter walks on her toes she is 8 and we just brought her to the shriners hospital despite her doctor saying it is nothing all these years and there is an issue... She has a tight tendon that does not allow her to put her heel to the floor and it is just ok to not operate we are doing physio exercises and she wears braces to force her heel on the ground... it is not extreme case but not fixing it could affect her posture and her back in the future...
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My son is 11 1/2 years old and walks and stands on his tiptoes since he started walking at 1 yr.  We try to correct him but he says it hurts the back of his legs to try and put his heel down to walk.  Our individual health insurance doesn't pay good and I was talking to a friend who son was borned club footed and she took him to a Shriners Club in South Carolina.  We live in Southwest Virginia and I was wondering if he needs to have a referral from a doctor to see someone at the Shriners hospital.  He even runs on his tiptoes in shoes.  He doesn't have any learning or behavior problems.  He has always been a straight A student and top of his class.  He seems to get tired easily when running and doing alot of walking and complains with his legs hurting.  I took him to a Poditrist whom x-rayed top of his foot to make sure there were a bone keeping him from raising his foot upward but that came back normal.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  It would be greatly appreciated.  Concerned Mother0824
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Toe walking ...It seems children do this when they are feeling nervous and unsure of them selves,I hear there is something called Charcolt-Marie-Colt disease...which maybe worth looking into and mentioning to the podiatrist not a pediatrician, I will do some research see what I come up with ...
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Yes, sounds like the classic signs. Get her tested through early childhood intervention. Your pediatrican will have the number for services available in your area. In every state, they have services/schools available that are usually free or covered through insurance. My son was diagnosed with (mild form of PDD) austim at 2 years old and now at 10 years old, is it almost undetectable! Early intervention is absolutely essential to get your child on the right track!
My twin nephews showed signs as well but their mother refused to accept the signs....when they enrolled in school, the school took over a year to test them/diagnosis them, they were much older when they started services (about 7) and their symptoms are much more severe as a result.

I wish you luck...now that I have been there....the best thing you can do is take a deep breath, and get her evaluated and receive the services the county/state provides. Don't get caught up with the diagnosis, just get her the help she needs!
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I think many children toe walk it really doesnt mean they have any disorder ..take the child to a podiatrist for help .
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Agree that this is one of the classics that they talk about.  Also for sensory integration disorder, some kids will toe walk due to sensory issues/tactile defensive issues.  They don't like the feel of the ground or the feel of their socks so they put as little foot down as possible.  Sensory and autism are often comorbid.  

And some kids just start out doing it and nothing is wrong.  I'd look for other symptoms and if there are any, begin looking into it as early intervention can really help a child overcome their challenges.  good luck
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I have ADHD. I have walked on my toes since I was a little girl. I walk on my toes less in shoes than out of them. It sounds exactly the same. Maybe it has something to do with ADD?
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My 21 month son has recently started walking on his tip toes otherwise he is very social and naughty can say about 100 words and few 2 word sentenses ..please suggest is it something to  worry?
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