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Did something wrong i believe - Everything done with 18 ?

thank you for reading my article. I'm German but there is no German Forum that is as good as English one and I need a good answer. And Iam male!
Iam nearly 18 years old. I was always very late with everything: I lost my last milk tooth one year ago Big Grin
But I already have a little beard growing and everything else is OK.
I have the problem that Iam only 168 cm, that is about 5,6 inch tall.
My Dad is about 6,0 and my mother is as height as I am.
I did x-rays picture and the doctor says that I am 15,6 years on these pictures and that I will probably not grow so much any more. Last years I didnt eat really fat - I did a lot of sports, had really stress with school, work and family and never lived as a realy adulescent. Well - I cant imagine to stay so little, I am also looking like a child. Everybody treats me like a child..
My brothers are similiar and my mother grew in the age of 16/17 - so really late.
Is there a Chance to get a big grow spurt?
Look at my pictures - I cant believe that they belong to an adult and some growth plates seem to be younger than 15 1/2
Thank you for good answers - its really important for me.
I always thought there will be a growth spurt and that I will become as tall as my dad is. I fear to stay a child all my life - maybe because of my food choose (only very healthy) and my extreme training programm to become a six pack ... that was because I was one or two head lower than the others in my class when i come to grammar school.. always being one of the worst in sports..
Well - now I dont do so much sports and I am eating everything that is fat ... I do the opposite of health food and eat everything you shouldnt do according to scientists ..;D but including vegetable of course...
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I agree with margy, but also want to mention that I have a friend with a really tall dad and an average-height mom, and her brother went to college at about your height (5 foot 6 inches), and in the first two years of college (so, he would have been 18 and 19 years old) grew six inches.  It is definitely possible to get a later growth spurt.  So, a) don't worry, you will look like a man even if you don't grow a lot taller, and b) you might still get taller.  
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Well I have to tell you that many famous and powerful people in our world are smaller than 5'6' movie star like Dustin Hoffman , President Sarkosy, the list is endless and how about a woman I am your height I have always considered myself of good worth ,kind, funny and a protector of many things.So a healthy diet is good not a 'fat' diet so forget that idea, concentrate on building good muscle tone, if you want to add a few inches they do make some really good shoes with ;lifts' movie stars use them a lot .Most of all aquire a facinating, funny,kind ,personality. People like to feel good and a sense of humor, is in my opinion the most important attribute along with kindness ,a human being can have .Get a good hair style some fashionable clothes and work hard .move in decent circles, no not bars ..Gyms, sports, hobbies .Good luck
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