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Eyes rolling at 19 months

I have 19 month old who just started rolling his eyes are well and we rushed him to the ER and they did blood work and it came back normal, there were no signs of seizures. But like most of us are saying there is something not right he seems to only do it for a few seconds but today it has seemed to be longer. There are tons of us out there going through this there has to be an answer and something we may all have in common. My son is allergic to Milk and nuts and he drinks soy milk only . Any of your little ones, have the same thing ? I need answers I am having a break down, please help
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From what I have read this doesn't seem to be anything really abnormal ... the result seems to be Benign paroxysmal tonic upgaze here is a link that was helpful http://www.john-libbey-eurotext.fr/en/revues/medecine/epd/e-docs/00/01/AD/D7/article.phtml you can also search on you tube. Parents have posted videos of their babies doing this and it is much relief to see and compare. There is much online about this ,here is another link      forum.baby-gaga.com>Parent with Toddlers
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That's what we were thinking it maybe but he doesn't show any other signs of that besides the eye rolling devolpment wise he is ahead , any other ideas
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My son had the same problem. We first noticed it when he was 12 months old. At 12-14 months old, it was quite bad. He also had low muscle tone in his lower limbs, which can occur with kids with seizures. We saw a neurologist, who ordered a bunch of EEGs, even a 24 hours EEG (a nightmare) and an MRI. That showed nothing.

He is now 26 months old. Still has the squinting/eyes rolling at times. And his upper body will tense, which may be a sign of seizure - that's what his therapist recently told us (he is followed by a developmental therapist because he is a little bit behind in speech).

We are thinking about going to see an other neurologist, but not very worried. He tends to have these symptoms when tired at the end of the day, so may be normal. He is otherwise full of energy and making progress every day.

I would recommend you see a neurologist to at least discuss this issue. That probably will help you feel better and the doctor will decide if tests need to be done.
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ok thanks , sorry to hear about your little one, I know that the hardest thing is not knowing keep us posted  :  )
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you were right that's what the doctors said he has and that he would out grow it
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I am glad its very common and as the Doctor said he will be okay ..good news ..
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Hi, we're going through a similar thing... Our daughter started eye rolling at 10 months old, she is now 13 months old.  We've had 5 eeg, 2 of which were 24 hour and one MRI ... All the tests came back normal. sometimes she nods her head at the same time and at other times shakes her head.  We managed to video it, which I'd recommend doing if at all possible and our neurologist is now showing a senior neurologist to get any other opinions. it seems to happen when she's extremely tired and will occur in clusters 3-4 times a day. She has had periods of up to 1.5 weeks where we haven't seen an episode.   It doesn't appear that our daughter is doing it playfully, as she resumes her normal activity immediately after the episode and almost seems to be unaware that it's happened.  Can infants develop tics?  It feels like she's too young.  She's normally a happy, bright character and is developing normally.  I think these forums are great as you realise you're not the only ones out there.  I really hope all our babies are well and we get a resolution soon.
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Hello my 2.5 year old daughter has suddenly been rolling her eyes upwards for a few seconds. I have no idea what’s happening. We have been referred to see a neurologist and get an EEG but I’m am so petrified something is very wrong. Does anyone have any answers to this? The episodes are very brief and she resumes back to normal even talking through it sometimes..... HELP! Terrified mummy
Hey annam20, my daughter has the exact same symptoms you described. Did you have any luck finding g out the possible cause? We have been told to wait 12 weeks for an appointment after speaking to us over the phone and not even checking my daughter over so every little bit of information you have would help. Thank you
Gosh, 12 weeks to find out what is going on! Are you going to go to an neurologist for the diagnosis?  How old is your child?  For some, it's a tic.  Literally a tic.  My son has this tic.  But I'd want to rule out anything neurosurgical like seizures first. That is so annoying that you have to wait for so long.  Let me know how your daughter is doing or any other information!
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