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Facial Tics and Vaccines

My 6 year old developed facial tics 3 weeks after he received the Chicken Pox Vaccine (in August 2007).  The tics started out as simple eye tics, but now involve head/neck movement.  They came out of nowhere and have gotten worse.  We are scheduled to see a Neurologist, but I am wondering if there is ANY link to vaccines and tics/turrets.  I did find one turrets website that listed chicken pox as one of the possible causes of turrets.  Can anyone give me some insight?  Thanks!
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try here.

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My son just had his one year shots a week after i noticed this weird head twitch its getting worse i am furious and upset as i did not want to get him vacianted but was assured by our PD that the risks outweigh the benifits,my son is a bright intellegent beyond his age i pray it goes away and there are no lingering effects as he gets older. There is NO DOUBT in my mind it is from the vaccines its too much poison into their little bodies at once and there little nervous systems cant handle it.  I should have listned to my first instinct . NO VACINES, please tell me did it go away with your son.  I mean thats what vacines are overloading your childs immune system with poison so they can develop antibodies.  I am going to see the PD tommorow and let me tell you heads are going to roll .  I am contacting the CDC and VAERS. I should have trusted my instincs and now it is too late. Please let me know the outcome of your son and how long it was from when he got the shots to the tics occuring and if they have stopped.  Also what exact shots did you get. DONT GET THE FLU SHOT if u have not already done so
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My son received the full set of vaccinations at the end of 2008 and two months ago he began having severe tics and in two months time it has developed into 'severe' tics and looks like Turrets without the vocal involvement.  Anyone else out there have that kind of time frame between the shots and tics beginning?  I went against my intuition and wish I had never gone with vaccinations...but we felt very pressured...
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My son, 9, started facial grimaces/squinting one week after the flu mist . . . turned out it was altitutde sensitive. I took him down in altitude 3000 feet twice to see it disappear and reappear on re-ascent, so took him down to sea level for 3 days, and now they seem to have gone. This suggests that whatever is happening is sensitive to either hypoxia, or cranial hypertension, two known effects of altitude and ones which in instances of head injury are treated with oxygen and decreasing altitude. So personally, I treated for an irritated brainstem . .  decrease altitude, soak in epson salts, mild diuretics, nerve calming things like camomile, nerve supporting things like B-12 and potassium/magnesium supplement, and a chinese herbal concoction designed to quiet nerves. I also gave him a baby aspirin (orange 80mg) every 6 hours, which my gut instinct said may safely help reduce swelling and very slightly thin blood which could help increase circulation. And if it didn't, I figured a baby aspirin couldn't hurt (as long as there was clearly no sign of chicken pox, which creates a bad aspirin reaction sometimes).

I would love to know whether tics are relieved by oxygen, or maybe oxygen under pressure . . .those decompression tanks that are used to treat the Bends and some head injuries. Wicked expensive though. I'm not sure tha ttime isn't of the essence in these cases . .  .everytime I saw those grimaces, it said to me a brain stem under duress and I felt a great urgency to stop them either before they became habitual/hard wired, or before they had a chance to do permanent damage.

The doctors say that its very common to have tics show up, mostly in boys, between 7-10, so they aren't that concerned and they aren't dangerous, but my instinct says they are unnatural, and a sign that something is wrong. If its hitting that age group, then maybe its because their nervous system is growing or sensitive at that age or something. However, I have heard of tics showing up spontaneously in people who have not had any immunizations, so I'm not sure if its the vaccine per say, or just any immune reaction to a passing virus, a vaccination, or something else. Suffice to say, I think its an irritated brainstem.
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I do not know how old this post is... but I am experiencing the same exact thing with my son.  After his first dose of the Dtap he stopped talking.  Now he is six and received a booster and he has developed a tic where he shakes his head back and forth... and sometimes he makes a little noise.
   I am so scared of the vaccines but know that we need them... but am weary if I will let him get anymore....
    What is the outcome with your child?  Has the tic stopped??????
    Thanks, Leslie
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Please read the book "Brain Maker" by Neurologist David Perlmutter, MD.
He describes a case of Tourette's cured by probiotic enemas.  Vaccines apparently alter gut bacteria significantly.  These bacteria actually produce neurotransmitters, hormones and vitamins.  Amazing stuff.
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It may be a good idea to do some research regrding vaccines, there is much controversy out there best get informed .
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My son developed ticks around age 5, I didn't link that to the vaccines at that time and it took 3 years for the ticks to go away, it started with a nose twitching and got to the point of head and neck ticks where he couldn't even walk, I came across a lot of parents with the same symptoms linking it to vaccines, I didn't record it in my calendar, but it looks like the worst ticks happened or started after flu vaccines, he is 11 now, due for a7th grade. Mandatory Tdap and I'm scared to death, my only option is homeschooling, but he loves going to school, my intuition is not to take any risks, it's not worth the school, but seems like 7 out of 10 boys having ticks is a little suspicious, don't you think?
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