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Few random petichae normal on 6 month old ?

My son is almost 7 months old. About 5 weeks ago he had come down with RSV. Although he had a mild case, the doctor had informed me of petichae and told me to keep an eye out. Shortly after I noticed a petchia on his leg. Doctor had looked and said one is normal time to time.

For about 4 weeks after (RSV lingers) I noticed he started to get more. They were very small, light brown in color, and randomly placed on his legs, but wouldn't blanch with pressure. I also started to notice a change is his skin color, it almost began to look mottled or very reticulated at times. It would come and go several times in a day.

His doctor had said it was most likely a virus. The reticulated pattern doesn't occur as often but he still gets the reoccurring petichae. They come and fade within a week or so, but he's gotten 8 new ones, 2 now on his arm.

He has NO other symptoms. He's actually been in GREAT health. I'm worried because he due to get the Prevnar vax soon. It looks nothing like the petichae rashes online.

What would make these randoms spots happen? Could there be an underlying disease that's unknown?
Could it be because of weight gain or increased upright positioning (he's more upright now)?
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