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Heavy Sleeper / bathroom

I have an 10 year old, seemingly healthy and sleeps about 8-9 hours per day. He does wake up by himself in the mornings. The big issue is he is a HEAVY sleeper; almost impossible to wake up. He can be verbally talked / shouted at, shaken, moved, wet rag, or the sorts. He falls asleep instantly usually and enters this heavy state almost immediately in just a minute or so. He is like a dead person; if he is lifted he is totally limp. The other issue is he can't wake at night and this is causing him to use the bathroom on himself almost every night (both ways). I have taken him to 2 pediatricians that say kids are heavy sleepers and he will probably grow out of this. I think he is more than a heavy sleeper. No idea what to do at this point.
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This is very true.  Kids sometimes sleep straight through the urge of bodily functions. This pretty common in kids too that have neurological issues where the signalling to go isn't strong enough to wake them up. Wetting the bed is actually NOT uncommon and up until age 9, it's like 10 percent of kids will wet the bed. AND, they often had parents that did the same. And the percentage gets smaller each year after that but still happens. My son was one of the kids who I wondered if he'd ever not wet his bed.  We used a waterproof pad under him and he wore 'under jams' for a long time.  He's got sensory integration disorder and is a heavy sleeper.  But alas, HE decided he wanted to change this.  We did the things like limit liquid at night. Go right before bedtime. That did ultimately help.  If you have to, YOU wake him up four hours after sleeping for that long and then he goes back to bed after he uses the bathroom.  We didn't do that but I thought about it.  It took a month of effort on his part. And he did stop going at night. If he is having a bowel movement at night, that's really probably not normal. Not that many people get up in the middle of the night even who aren't heavy sleepers for a bowel movement. I'd have him take a stool softener in the morning and try to go before bed. Does he have any neurological symptoms like sensory issues?  Lights too bright? Doesn't like certain textures? Picky eater? clumsy at times? Emotional?
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