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How Tall

Well i am 28 and my height is 5'2 my brother is 30 and 5'1 and my sister is 26 and she is 5'3.
My mum is 5'0 and my dad is 5'6..
I have a son and a daughter our son is 4 and he is shorter than his sister and she is 3.
When we go out we get people stare abit as i am short and my wife is taller than me she is 5'6.
So i think my son is going to be short like me i know that they say girls grow taller before boys in some cases but
our daughter is already 2 ins taller than him.I do exactly the same as my mum used to do with us and check their heights regularly. I was a bit worried so my wife and i took our son to be checked out. He had to go through loads of tests and a bone scan as well we spent nearly all day at the hospital this was 6 mths ago now. We had to go back to the hospital for the results a week later. We have been told that my son is taking after me by being short but they have said that his adult height will be between 4'8 and 4'10 at a push. We asked if they was any treatment he could have done as i wouldnt like him to have to go through school life in a worse position to me. My brother and i had a nightmare but if he is going to be way shorter i think children can be rather nasty.I mean if he can get to 4'10 i think will be abit better for him but the consultant says it is more to be 4'8 which i cant see how they know this already.
I think maybe they are telling us to expect the worse and then if he is that bit taller it is a bonus. I would have loved to have been taller the same for my brother we didnt expect our sister to be taller than us even by 2 ins as for women they can make their height taller by wearing high heels.
We took our son to a playgroup with children his age and so far the problem isnt too bad he is shorter than alot of the children there.Whereas when his sister went with him to drop him off people think it is her that is 4 and not our son.
All we can do is look out fro him and make it comfortable for him.
We wouldnt like him having to climb on worktops because he wants something and i would arrange the cupboards lower if he is going to be short for his age.
My sister has a son who is 6 and a daughter who is 4.
My brother has a daughter who is 3.
My son is quite smart and does ask questions if he hears family talk.
My brothers daughter who is 3 is 3 ins taller than him .
My sisters son is 6 and he is 6 ins taller than my son and his sister is 4 and she is short like him.
My sisters husband is 5'11 so with her being 5'3 i think their son will be tall and their daughter may be short i hope.
My brothers wife is 5'6 and him being 5'1 so i think that she might be taller than him.
My son did say to me why was his cousins taller than him and only Ella is like him he knows that they are the same age and the same size. He cant understand as to why the rest are all taller than him especially his sister.
He is always full of questions like will he get bigger like our daughter Lucy.
All i can say is that i hope so even if he is similar to his sister then it might not be so hard to accept.
We hope so anway

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