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Hypotonia and Developmental Delay - regression

Child has been diagnosed with Hypotonia and is 18 months old. For the last 6 months has been getting OT, PT, and Speech. He was able to start walking and was making progress and then got sick with what the pediatrician, ER, and urgent care say was a virus.  However, at this time he has a huge regression in walking and balance. He has been feeling better for weeks and the OT and PT and pediatrician see the regression.  Additionally, right after being sick he had periods of his eyes crossing for a minute or two and then going back. He now is waking during the night and just more irritable.  He squats down and can not get back up and falls easily.   Appointment scheduled for Nuero and Genticist but it takes forever to be seen. Any ideas?
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  Thank you for your question.  We're sorry to hear about your daughter!  This must be very frightening and frustrating as a parent. Here is an overview of hyp0tonia  https://www.webmd.com/baby/hypotonia-floppy-infant-syndrome#1-3. Neurologists are the typical physician that oversees this condition in children as well as developmental pediatricians.  They have not yet determined why your child has hypotonia?  It would be important to find out, and this I'm sure is why you are seeing a geneticist also, if there is an underlying condition involved. There could also be things like the nervous sensory system and signally to the muscles being impacted.  Regression after illness can happen but getting her back on track is every parent's desire.  Keep working with the therapists she has been helped by and you'll have more answers after seeing the further specialists.  Please keep us in the loop.  We wish you the very best.
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Hi there.  Just want to say that I feel your pain, regression is always worrisome.  My son has sensory integration disorder and never had floppy baby syndrome or hypotonia but did occupational therapy and there were many hypo kids there  One of his good friends was diagnosed with this and they did ot together.  that boy is now 14 and plays high level competitive basketball.  He may have life long hypomania but has learned to compensate, strengthened himself and is a powerhouse.  So, they will get your daughter there too!  hugs
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How is your daughter doing?!  
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