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I have a 13 month old who seems to have the same type of problem...

My daughter is 13 months old. She is 25.5 inches long and 14 lbs 8 oz. she was born 3-4 weeks early (there were some mixups on the due date so we arent quite whether it was 3 or 4 weeks) but she had no problems and came home from the hospital a day and a half later. she was 5 lbs 12 oz and 18 1/2 in long.  her head has always been on the 50th percentile line. she too dropped off her own curve at around 9 months. she hasnt grown at all in inches for the last 4 months although she did gain two pounds when i took her off of formula and put her on regular table food and whole milk. her pediatrician says that her weight for height is good now, but that she is still at less than 1% for her height. she does have a more prominent forehead, though. (my profile picture is a closeup of her) i feel that her upper arms are a tad shorter than what they probably should be, but they have not been measured so i cant say for sure. but her legs do not seem to be short at all. she also seems to have a slight spine curvature. it curves out toward the middle-bottom of her back. she has had a couple of ear infections, but no more than what my other kids did so i didnt consider that before now. they all seemed to have quite a few of them. they referred her to a pediatric endocrinologist. they did a bone age scan which showed her at 4 months behind (that was 3 months ago and she hasnt grown since). they also did a karyotype that came back normal. they hadnt called me so i called them friday and they said that they had tried to reach me for months. it normally takes a couple months to get an appointment, but they cancelled someone else and put her in for tomorrow. this in itself has me worried to death. please help!!

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What you wrote sounds a bit like a condition called Achondroplasia, though it is very rare, so don't worry about it right now. I'm sure the specialist will explain everything tomorrow and it's good to get an appointment soon, then you can start treatment sooner. Hope all goes well. Good luck!
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that's what i think also. however, when we went to the doctor they took 7 tubes of blood and told me if it's normal the only thing we can do is wait til she's two when other tests like the bone age scan will be more accurate. it's frustrating!
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i mean that they said if the tests come back normal all we can do is wait. lol...my brain isnt awake yet!!
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