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Invitation from Dr. Park: Is Your Teen Sleepy?

Sleepy teens are one of the most ignored groups by the sleep community. Teens are not bigger children, nor are they smaller adults. To dispel some of the common myths and misconceptions about teens and why they are so sleepy, I've invited back Stanford University's internationally renown sleep physician and surgeon Dr. Kasey Li to talk to us about this very important issue.

In this month's Expert Interview, Dr. Li will reveal:
- Why your teen is so tired and sleepy
- Why tonsillectomies don't work all the time
- What happens when children with sleep apnea become teenagers
- What other common sleep conditions besides sleep apnea do teens have?
- What are the treatment options for teens with sleep apnea?

Topic:  "Why Your Teen is Sleepy"
Date:   April 27, 2010
Time:   8PM Eastern / 5PM Pacific

Click here to register: http://doctorstevenpark.com/teleseminar-registration
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