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Is arimidex safe for teen boys

My son will be 15 years old next week. His pediatrician feels he should be further along in puberty (he's stage 2). He is 5'7 and weighs 180lbs. After seeing an endocrinologist who ran all types of blood work which came back normal with the exception of his estrogen level a bit higher then normal and had an X-ray of his hand which showed bones of a 13 half to 14 half yr old (I was told was good ) want to give my son arimidex. My question is......is this safe for teen boys. I read its not FDA approved for children.

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What does the endocrinologist say, is he prepared to prescribe the arimidex?
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The endocrinologist wants to put him on that. I'm reading side effects and I don't feel comfortable giving it to him. I am going for second opinion. Just wanted to see if any other parents had experience with this drug.
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we have a had a few posts about bone age on here but none asking about arimidex
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I saw your post about Amiridex I know it's from 2012 but can you tell me if you ended up letting your son take it? If so were there unwanted side effects. My sons endocronologist wants to put him on Amiridex to slow his bone aging so he has more time to grow before he finishes puberty. Can you tell me anything about what you learned.
Hi. Did you use the Arimidex? Same here ped endocrinologist wants my 12 yr old with advanced bone age to take
Did you give the arimidex to your son? My son is 11 and has been in puberty a little over a year. They want to give him more time to grow and suggested this medicine. I don’t like the side affects I’m seeing though. I know this post is old but I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks
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